More About GK Elite


There are two things that are ingrained in the very DNA of gymnastics: passion
and commitment. Whether you are a coach, gym owner, Elite gymnast, or just starting out, you are a part of a rich legacy that produces some of the finest champions in history.

In the sport of gymnastics, passion is most exemplified through the journey each athlete embarks on to become the very best they can be. The endless hours at the gym, the sacrifices made, and the unwavering commitment to succeed transforms each gymnast into a champion.

This journey defines not only who you are, but who you will become, and is just as important, if not more, than standing on top of the podium. We understand this passion and commitment for the sport of gymnastics because we have walked this journey with you.

Here at GK, we have built our legacy on these same principles. For over three decades, our sole mission has been to provide performance enhancing competitive gymnastics apparel to athletes worldwide. Even more so, we have been a part of every Olympic Game since 1992.

Our passion rests in providing the best fitting, highest performing gymnastics apparel available.
We relentlessly commit ourselves to giving you, our customer, not just gymnastics apparel, but the products you need to reach your dreams.

In 2016, we have incorporated the most technically advanced properties, along with our superior fit into our gymnastics apparel to support your passion for the journey and commitment to succeed.